"Goatee" Toni Kingston is primarily a herpetologist, conservationist, professional animal presenter, and secondarily a wildlife photographer, devoted to the exploration and conservation of wild animals of the world specializing in reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

In the Wild
Throughout the years, Goatee Toni has explored a large amount of tropical areas of various habitats on earth. Early years he has spent most of his time in South America focusing in the Amazon, Africa including Madagascar, and inland Australia. Recent years he has his focus on Borneo, south east Asia and Papua New Guinea. Europe and Antarctica are his least experienced continents, maybe in the future.

Educational Work
Other than studying animals with professionals, Goatee Toni also promotes understanding and appreciation of these natural beauties to the general public. That will naturally encourage the conservation of wild animals while fostering a shared interest in the study of their biology, natural history and ecological role.
Goatee Toni has professionally presented animals at various public events and TV shows. He has founded an educational animal program that has done 2,106 presentations making direct influence to over 100,000 people between 2004 and 2012.

Goatee Toni is the leader of all our wildlife trips. With his extensive experience in wildlife research in rainforests and deserts around the world, he leads people to explore deep into the untouched virgin nature and looks for wild reptiles and other wildlife. Such a close encounter with these natural beauties helps people to understand them considerably better than before and cultivate an appreciation for the animals. When you love them, you will want to protect them.

Captive Breeding
It is a sad fact that our world's natural environment is being damaged every second. Before the 20th century, 1 species became extinct every 4 years. At present, 40,000 species become extinct every year. 100 species become extinct every day only due to tropical deforestation. Goatee Toni often comes across logging during researching in the rainforests. "Seeing big old trees fall down makes me sick at heart. More anxious for the prospects of the homeless refugees", he said. Before the heavy logging can be really reduced, Goatee Toni helps to save endangered species by setting up captive breeding programs. It might not be the most natural way but a practical, workable way to keep the species living before they die out.