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Wandering The Avenue of The Baobabs, Madagascar

The video includes baobab trees, Pachypodium, other succulent plants, friendly Malagasy people, and spectacular scenery of beautiful scenic roads shot in rural Madagascar during one of my many field trips to The Great Red Island.

Locations: The Avenue of the Baobabs, Marofototra, Morondava, Isalo, Madagascar, Africa

Music: Toni Kingston – October Passed Me By – Girl In Red

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What Animals Can Sing Besides Birds?

A shoebill I encountered in Uganda

What Animals Can Sing Besides Birds?

Although some birds don’t sing, such as vultures, storks, cedar waxwing, and the females of many species, birds are the best singers in the animal kingdom.

Other than birds, many animals can sing. Mammals that can sing include whales, mice, Mexican free-tailed bats, and antelope squirrels. Cold-blooded animals that can sing include cicadas, crickets, katydids, tree frogs, and toadfish.

Hoomans are animals, too!

Hold on, now birds might not be the best singers in the animal kingdom. We often forget the fact that the human being is one of the four great apes of the family Hominidae together with the orangutans, chimpanzees, and my favorite gorillas. Yay, we humans are animals. And, we sing!

What would I do if I didn’t choose to become a zoologist?

Probably music. That’s been my answer every time I was asked this. But I never had the time earlier in my life to do music until recently.

Here is the first song that I made with a few of my friends all by ourselves — Dead roses by ollie! It is a piano cover of a song originally with guitar and the entire arrangement is new.

The second song is about death and depression — Till death frees me by zevia

Starting with covers but we are working on our own original songs where I’ll try to express my thoughts about life, animals, and nature in them!


Watch Me Catch A Lizard On Live TV

I was invited again to go live on TV for RTHK 31 All Being Well with Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen. I’m happy to be the first ever guest they have invited twice. So I gave them something special – a flying catch in front of the camera!

My Blue tree monitor knows exactly when to steal the show. It was at the last minute of my part when they were wrapping me up.

When you work with these animals you won’t have time to think about how to react to their sudden movements. It’s all reflex. This is probably the first time my flying catch is caught on camera. It’s even a Live TV show. Crazy.

Featured animals: Blue tree monitor Varanus macraei, Komodo Island blue pit viper Trimeresurus insularis

Watch full TV show:

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On Live TV Show With My Chameleon And Snake

I was invited to go live on TV for RTHK 31 All Being Well with Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen. The entire team and the production are so professional. There’s no script and I didn’t have much prepared in advance. That’s fun! They learned about animals. I learned how a live TV show is produced smoothly. My panther chameleon and Dominican mountain boa were doing a great job as well!

My vlog:

The Official TV show:

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Why I Ain’t Black But Have Dreadlocks | Kids Asked Me Hard Questions About Animals And My HAIR!

Questions for me from students of FabSummer School:

00:46 How old are you?

01:29 What type of animals are spiders?

02:19 What does nocturnal mean?

03:09 Why you don’t afraid of animals?

05:52 What animals do you like the most?

06:59 Can Axolotls actually regenerate their bodies?

08:25 How do pets eat Mr. Toni?

09:55 Can your spiders makes spider web?

10:17 Why didn’t your hedgehog quill you?

11:29 Why is your hair like this?

14:14 If beetles live for 3-6 months, how will they become adults sooo fast?

16:04 If the animal has no eye lids, how can we tell they are sleeping?

17:05 Why the python’s body is so fat while it’s head is so thin?

19:03 Do you have a snowy owl?

19:12 I wonder the animals live together in a cage? or live alone?

20:14 How do the snake pee?

21:26 Can Chameleons lose tail?

22:07 Why did you decide to become a zoologist?

22:47 What will eat snakes?

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Blue Tree Monitor – My Childhood Dream Lizard

Good-looking ones have no personality(?)

I said this was my childhood dream lizard. And, I also said blue is the rarest color in animals. But no, this lizard didn’t hold a special place in my heart only by its looks. Eye candies ain’t my thing (tho funny to say that in the gram). It’s special to me because we have something in common deep down, and we are both misjudged by the looks.

Good-looking ones have no personality. And what? Ugly ones have good personalities(?) Could be right most of the time. But generalization and stereotypical thoughts are harmful to the one in a zillion. This lizard proves to me that good-looking ones can have even greater personalities.

Blue is the rarest color in animals. You might already know that. But why?

Unlike other colors, Blue in reptiles is NOT a pigment, but a trick to human eyes. It’s produced by having other wavelengths of light canceled but only blue being bounced through reflective cells called iridophores on the skin of only a few species on earth.

In spite of looking extravagantly beautiful to the point that many might mistake it for being ostentatiously flashy, it has zero intention of flexing. Matter of fact, it’s been trying so hard to stay away from the crowd – A reclusive, hermetic and secluded lifestyle, however, of natural-born ornate appearance.

Monitor lizards are generally powerful, fearless in front of humans and widespread throughout SE Asia. But just not this unusual one.

The Blue Tree Monitor (Varanus macraei), or the blue-spotted tree monitor, is a fragile, timid, and uncommon species that can only be found in Batanta, a small island in Irian Jaya of Indonesia. Its natural range is among the smallest of all monitors. This species had been hiding successfully for over 66 million years. The species was known to science for a mere 19 years and not too much is known still today.

It was my childhood dream lizard to die for. Now having this literally in hand, this is the Blue Monday I love 💙

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Color Is The New Forbidden Fruit

From yellow vs blue in Hong Kong to black vs white in the States.

A world like now everything is politics, things pure as colors have become risky words, is keeping people to think less, speak less, and act less.

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How Could Black Lives Not Matter?

Africa was the birth-place of Homo sapiens.

Diamond, sugar, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, coffee – All happiness in life is from Africa!

#ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter
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Wild Ploughshare Tortoise Is The Rarest Species I’ve Ever Found

Today is Endangered Species Day. (瀕危物種日)

The rarest animal I’ve ever found was the Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis). Only around 20 of them are in the wild. But that’s a subspecies of leopards. In terms of a full species, this is the rarest one in my experience.

Let me introduce the most endangered species I’ve ever found in the wild – the Ploughshare Tortoise of Madagascar.

It is also called Angonoka tortoise (Astrochelys yniphora).

Those big organizations will only tell you about the tigers, rhinos, marine mammals, etc. Probably it’s all about marketing which I have zero idea about.

Let me do something for this species which is TONS more endangered. Help me share this and spread the love before it goes extinct which could happen tomorrow or any day.

If you know of anyone on earth who’s ever seen one of these tortoises in the wild, definitely let me know!


What Sort Of Naturalist Am I?

1. an expert in or student of natural history.
2. a person who practises naturalism in art or literature.

1. Yes, I studied the natural history of animals
2. Umm.. depends

Already too much compromise living in a society where getting your own body naked outside is a misbehavior. Born naked. Gone naked. I never sleep clothed.

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Big Cats Roaming Freely In The Wild May Not Always Be The Lucky Ones

Everyone is talking about “Tiger King”. Now you probably have an idea how big cats are kept in captivity. You may think that they could have a better life if they were in their natural habitats. I have spent a lot of time in Africa, and I did not always see a paradise.

This is a lucky one rescued from canned hunting (being kept in a confined, fenced-in area for trophy hunting which is surprisingly legal in some African countries). ⠀
I don’t know what to say. Nowadays we can’t just seem to tell our kids it’s okay to do anything they like as long as it’s not illegal. There are so many ridiculously wrong activities that are legal, such as canned hunting as an entertainment or a sport. ⠀⠀
Legality is not a guide for morality.


The Most Misunderstood Hairstyle

They say dreadlocks are ghetto. They say guys with long hair and beard are homeless. They say reptiles are lowlifes. They call others lower to make themselves sound like upper.

They keep mocking and laughing at you until you show them how bright you’re shining. Matter of fact, I couldn’t even care less. Didn’t even care to show. They just couldn’t get their eyes off and pick up their jaws from the floor. Stereotyping is dated.

Hairs are versatile. Don’t restrict them for what the society tells you. Losing yourself in the moment you own is the subtle art of giving zero fig.

Could’ve easily cut my hair and made myself look “decent” and prevent every mother’s son of em from eyeballing and commenting on my real, natural hair. But it’s about one’s rights and freedoms. The irony is that people who amputate naturally growing body parts criticize the few who preserve and cultivate the most radically given gift.

Ain’t no compromiser. Letting my hair go natural. A lion without his man is a kitten. Locs can run wild yet classy. If you don’t see the naturalness check your eyes, if not brain.


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